All the Tea in China

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Shanghai Press
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more than 60 color photographs and illustrations
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Wood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea—otherwise known as "the seven things that open the door"—are the basic kitchen necessities Chinese people cannot do without in their daily lives. Among them, tea holds a very special place. It is not only a beverage, but also an integral part of people's hearts and minds, thus shaping a unique tea culture in China.

In All the Tea in China, you will learn everything about Chinese tea for practical uses, as well as for meditation. Discover the origin of tea, its different species, production method and drinking etiquette. Also, through the vivid illustrations, readers will gain information about what tea is and how to identify a good quality kind. At the same time, the quotations, poems, sayings, and stories in the book are presented chronologically so that readers can appreciate what tea has inspired and why it continues to delight the Chinese people. A joy to read, All the Tea in China will be sure to enhance your tea experience.

About the Author:
Ms. Wang Jian has been fascinated with tea for many years. She graduated from the Ancient Chinese Documentation Research Institute at Shanghai Normal University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the study of Classic Chinese Documentation and a Master of Arts degree in the study of Chinese Tang Poetry. Currently editor of a publishing house, Wang is mainly engaged in the editing and publishing of books on history, humanities, and museums. She has been involved in the compilation and editing of over fifty book titles.