Chinese Kites

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Shanghai Press
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Over 200 full color photos and diagrams
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Learn to build and fly your own authentic traditional chinese kites with this user-friendly crafts book.

Kites and China are practically synonymous, since these childhood toys were originally invented there before becoming popular around the world. For over 2000 years, kites have been a common sight in China, from the imperial court to the common people, and over that time period the craftsmanship of the kite has been perfected—and includes a diversity and richness of styles.

In Chinese Kites, you'll learn not only the history and varied forms of the Chinese kite, but also how to produce, step-by-step, a beautiful Chinese kite of your own! Learn how to:
  • Create the kite's framework Paint colorful designs
  • Master the techniques of putting the painted cover on the framework
  • Fly your creation!
With Chinese Kites, you will be able to experience firsthand the joy of seeing a kite you made soaring across the sky.

About the Author:
Liu Bin, born in 1977, is a member of the Beijing Kite Flying Association and a transmitter of the Cao-Style Kite, which has been named an "Intangible Cultural Heritage" item in China. In 2005 he established Liu's Sanshizhai (Three-Stone Room) Kite Culture Center ( in Beijing. Liu Bin has benefited from working with masters, first his grandfather Liu Huiren, who he followed since childhood, then Tang Jinkun in 2006, and in 2009 Kong Lingmin.