Indonesia Islands of the Imagination

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over 140 full-color photos
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10 1/2 X 9 1/2

This beautifully photographed travel pictorial captures the people, art, architecture, food and landscapes of the the Indonesian Archipelago.

Indonesia's stunning beauty and diversity is captured by Indonesia Islands of the Imagination with the help of National Geographic Photographer Jill Gocher's striking and intuitive images and insightful essays penned by Michael Vatikiotis. For the first time visitor, the frequent traveler, or the complete stranger, this book offers a fascinating illustrated introduction to Indonesia's wondrous complexity.

For the armchair traveler in each of us comes Indonesia Islands of the Imagination. Featuring over 140 full–color photos showcasing breathtaking scenery from Bali to New Guinea and everywhere in between, this book is a remarkable photographic chronicle of the world's largest archipelago. From the famous tropical island of Bali, to the bustling capital city of Jakarta, and outer islands like Sumatra and Sulawesi that are steeped in ancient tribal lore and traditions, Indonesia Islands of the Imagination paints an exquisite portrait of Indonesia's fascinating peoples and places.

About the Author:
Michael Vatikiotis has worked as a writer and journalist in Southeast Asia for more than thirty years and was a correspondent for the Far East Economic Review in Jakarta for five years.

Jill Gocher's pictures have been published in scores of books and magazines around the world, including National Geographic, Time and The International Herald Tribune.