The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Calligraphy Semi-cursive script

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Shanghai Press
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more than 100 Chinese calligraphy
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Perfect for beginners, this calligraphy book teaches over 100 Chinese paintings and calligraphies along with historical and cultural information.

Chinese calligraphy is a unique visual art form that can be appreciated regardless of having previous knowledge of Chinese characters. While modern Chinese calligraphy consists of five styles, this book focuses on the semi-cursive script, a practical style that emphasizes the transition and structure between strokes.

The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Calligraphy Semi-Cursive Script teaches how to write the practical and artistic semi-cursive script. Based on the style of Zhao Mengfu, a master of semi-cursive script, you will learn the distinct features of the script and what exemplifies the semi-cursive style. This guide, with step by step illustrations, reduces the difficulty for beginners to learn Chinese calligraphy and is truly a must for Chinese calligraphy amateurs.

About the Author:
Zhou Bin is the head of the Chinese Calligraphy Education and Psychology Research Center at the School of Communication of East China Normal University. He has traveled to the U.S. many times to teach Chinese calligraphy at New York University and many other renowned universities and organizations. Since 2011, he has been appointed the calligraphy teacher of many United Nations officers, including the secretary general Ban Ki-moon. Zhou Bin is a member of the China Calligraphers Association.

Yi Yuan is a Master of Chinese Calligraphy at East China Normal University. She is now the Director of International Education and Communication Department at the International Training Center (ITC) of Shanghai Foreign Service Co. Ltd. She wrote The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Calligraphy—An Introduction to Kaishu in 2008, a book that is popular among overseas Chinese calligraphy learners.

Zhou Weiwei is a Master of Chinese Calligraphy at East China Normal University. She is also a full-time lecturer of Chinese Calligraphy there, and has worked to promote the teaching of Chinese as a second language and calligraphy for nearly ten years.