The Body Clock Guide

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over 200 color illustrations and photos
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In China, the rhythms of time and nature are understood to affect the body and general health and wellbeing. Traditional Chinese medicine incorporates the ebbs and flows of time into achieving and maintaining good health. The cycle of four seasons is a complete circulation and the same is true of the 24-hour day. Understanding this kind of "body clock" is what The Body Clock Guide is all about, regardless of whether or not you are a practitioner of TCM.

In ancient China, a day was divided into 12 two-hour periods. In each two-hour period there is a different channel or collateral with vital energy "on duty." This book uses descriptive illustrations and texts to clearly explain how to utilize the theories of collaterals and channels, including:
  • How to read signals from your body
  • Prompts for the schedule of daily life
  • Tips for choosing appropriate beverages and food
  • Simple ways of massaging acupuncture points

By establishing habits that conform to the rhythm of life, you will see notable and long-lasting effects. So start listening to Mother Nature and your own body and get on track towards achieving good health.

About the Author:
Zhang Jiaofei, a graduate of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, is a vice-chief physician of Henan Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and editor-in-chief of Classic Foot Therapy for Common Diseases among other books.

Wang Jing, a graduate of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is also a vice-chief physician of Henan Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as editor-in-chief of The Self-Help Classic with Illustrations for Family Doctors and Moxibustion Therapy of Special Effects for Common Diseases along with other books of popular science.