All the Way to Death

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Shanghai Press
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5 1/2 X 8 1/4

A suspense writer comes upon several murder stories on his computer that are written in his own unique style. He doesn't remember writing them, but it is not impossible for him, as a man who suffered memory loss, to be their author.

Soon a journey takes him to northwest China along the ancient Silk Road. He is shocked to learn that the murders in the stories really happened in cities he visits. The horrific crimes were committed in the years when he lost his memory, but none of them have been solved.

Did the best-selling writer ever kill? Are those murder stories accurate records of what he did?

About the Author:
One of the hugely influential suspense story writers in contemporary China, Na Duo captivates the reader with his extremely fertile imagination. Born in December 1977, he worked his way from a customs official and journalist to a best-selling writer, whose books have sold more than one million copies in China. He had several stories of black humor, romance and thriller published before 2004, when he evolved his style of writing as a suspense story writer. A writer of more than 20 books, including 16 thrillers, he is best known for his "Supernatural Series" (2004-2013), A Curse of One Hundred Years (2008), Broken Oracle Bone (2009), and Magic Painting of a Street (2009).