An Illustrated Brief History of China

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This illustrated Chinese history book takes the reader on a visual journey of the most brilliant and significant segments of Chinese civilization over the course of five thousand years.

As a cradle of human civilization, China has maintained its cohesion and cultural identity for thousands of years. With China's historical evolution as a backdrop, each section focuses on the outstanding achievements of the period it covers and sets out the long-established and profound cultural development of the Chinese nation.

About the Author:
Wang Jian graduated from the Ancient Chinese Documentation Research Institute at Shanghai Normal University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the study of Classic Chinese Documentation and a Master of Arts degree in Tang Dynasty Poetry. Currently an editor of a publishing house, Wang is mainly engaged in the editing and publishing of books on history, the humanities and museums. She has been involved in the compilation and editing of over fifty books, including the Cultural China, Traveling Ninety Thousand Li series, and titles such as A Fine Selection of Fu Baoshi's Paintings.

Fang Xiaoyan obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese Language and Literature and Master of Arts degree in Ancient Chinese Literature from the Chinese Department, Fudan University. An avid lover of ancient Chinese culture and reader of Chinese classics, Fang is now an editor of a publishing company and mainly engaged in the editing of books related to ancient literature and documents.