Art Puzzles for Kids: Chinese Ceramics

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Shanghai Press
Hardcover, Jacketed
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Six pop-out 25-piece puzzles with full color photos
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9 1/4 X 9

Open up this book and find a fun, interactive way for kids to learn more about Chinese art and symbolism!

Each two-page spread highlights a Chinese ceramic artifact, pulled from a museum collection. On the left-hand side, a photo of the piece, its history and any hidden symbols that are important in Chinese culture. On the right-hand side, a pop-out puzzle with 25 pieces that—when put together—shows a close-up of the artwork featured on the adjacent ceramic artifact.

The patterns include daring dragons, elegant cranes and beautiful roses, among many other plants and animals. Kids will have fun finding and identifying all of the wildlife and mythical creatures painted on the ancient ceramic.

For example:
  • Dragons, the most sacred animal in Chinese culture, symbolize good luck and power.
  • Deer represent good luck. One hundred deer is a wish for peace and happiness.

An art form for many millennia, Chinese ceramics have been shipped around the world since the establishment of trade routes. Porcelain is so closely associated with the country, that it is still called "china" in everyday English.

Children can develop their thinking and motor skills while also learning about important symbolism in China. This beautiful book will provide entertainment for kids and their parents—and both will come away having learned something new!

About the Author:
Dong Hu is an editor who specializes in Chinese art books. He has worked on many children's art books, including A Prince and His Porcelain Cup and A Journey in Our Family's Chinese Garden.