Paper Quilling Four Seasons Chinese Style

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Create stunning papercraft works of art for every season with this creative and easy-to-follow Chinese paper quilling book.

Quilling, the art of coiling and shaping narrow paper strips into 3-D designs, has been popular with crafters for some time but the art form is hundreds of years old. Chinese paper quilling is a lovely and flexible art form perfectly suited to illustrating scenes from different seasons. This seasonal guide links beloved Western crafting with traditional Chinese Arts. Paper Quilling Four Seasons Chinese Style presents unique creations and includes the terminology, methodology and detailed step-by-step instructions you need to recreate these pieces and to design your own art.

This guide offers:
  • Background on various Chinese art forms to help stoke your imagination.
  • Adaptable paper quilling methods, breaking from traditional; approaches to paper quilling.
  • Unique elements of Chinese paper quilling to help you discover different creation techniques.
  • Cultural background on the 24 solar terms, which have been used for more than 1,000 years and are still relevant today, and examples of artwork that capture these terms.
Get started today with your own beautiful depictions of the four seasons with this unique paper craft. The flexibility and elasticity that paper has gives you endless possibilities. All you need to get started is strips of paper, glue, and a tool to roll the paper. You can readily get these at any craft store or use what you already have: recycled paper and a bamboo skewer or toothpick work well.

About the Author:
Born in 1948, Zhu Liqun is a senior Master of Arts and Crafts, a member of the Shanghai Society for the Study of Folk Literature and Art, a member of the Shanghai Arts and Crafts Association, and director of the Paper Art Professional Committee. Working in art and industrial design for over 30 years, he has won many awards at large art design contests in China.

Zhu Liqun Paper Art Museum, formally launched in June 2010 in Shanghai, displays thousands of works of paper art including furniture, lamps, sculpture, decorative carvings in relief, and human figures. All were designed and created by Zhu Liqun and his team over a span of ten years. Their innovative practice has led to the growth and spread of paper art to other fields, and they have also published Paper Quilling: Chinese Style, Paper Relief: Chinese Style and Paper Collage: Chinese Style.