Beginning Japanese 名前: ________________________
Chapter 9 Listening Test 日付: ________________________

一、 Listen to the prompt and answer the following questions. You will hear each prompt once.

1. Where does this conversation probably take place?
A. a school
B. a church
C. a store
D. library

2. How much is the cost?
A. 450 yen
B. 560 yen
C. 1,450 yen
D. 1,560 yen

3. The customer wants a
A. better computer
B. a cheaper computer
C. computer with more memory
D. different brand computer

4. How many can you get for 250 yen?
A. zero
B. one
C. two
D. three

5. How much money does the customer give the clerk?
A. 100 yen
B. 300 yen
C. 700 yen
D. 1,000 yen

6. What will the person do today?
A. shop
B. go to school
C. study
D. swim

7. On Sunday the person will
A. walk, shop, and read
B. walk, shop and do homework
C. talk with friends, shop, and read
D. talk with friends and do homework

8. What should second speaker do at 8:00 P.M.?
A. go to a party
B. do homework
C. go to sleep
D. make a phone call

9. What does the second speaker do every day?
A. play basketball
B. play soccer
C. play baseball
D. play video games

10. Which size does the customer choose?
A. small
B. medium
C. large
D. extra large

11. What does the second speaker love to do on Sundays?
A. shopping only
B. sleeping only
C. BOTH shopping and sleeping
D. NEITHER shopping or sleeping

12. What does the first speaker want to do with the book?
A. buy it
B. borrow it
C. read it
D. give it away

13. What does the first person want to do?
A. borrow a pencil
B. borrow paper
C. borrow a pen
D. borrow an eraser

14. How did the first speaker get a lot of cookies?
A. by baking them
B. by buying them
C. by receiving them
D. by finding them

15. What does the second speaker love to do?
A. find exotic places
B. find cheap travel opportunities
C. stay at home
D. spend a lot of money when traveling

16. What did the first speaker receive?
A. a good grade
B. a wonderful book
C. a chance to go to Japan
D. a lot of homework

17. How many apples does the second speaker eat?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four

18. How many bottles of cola did the second speaker drink?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four

19. The first speaker wants a ___________ room.
A. bigger
B. brighter
C. cleaner
D. cheaper

20. What will the second speaker do?
A. only homework
B. only play basketball
C. homework AND play basketball
D. NEITHER homework nor basketball

二、 Listen to the prompt and answer the following questions for numbers 21- 25. You will hear the prompt twice.

21. Where did they go?
A. a movie and karaoke
B. a restaurant and movie
C. a restaurant and karaoke
D. shopping and dancing

22. What was the problem with the date?
A. they had a fight
B. the car broke down
C. it rained hard
D. he was late

23. What did she not like?
A. he did not pay
B. the senbei
C. she didnʼt get any senbei
D. he made a phone call

24. What advice is given
A. get revenge
B. to make up
C. find someone new
D. write an email

25. She will call
A. next week
B. tonight
C. this afternoon
D. tomorrow

二、 Listen to the prompt and answer the following questions for numbers 26- 30. You will hear the prompt twice.

26. Who answers the phone?
A. the father
B. the brother
C. Kentarou
D. the grandfather

27. Where will he take her?
A. dancing
B. to karaoke
C. shopping
D. a movie

28. What does Akiko want to get?
A. senbei and sushi
B. senbei and cake
C. sushi and cake
D. senbei and crab

29. What will he do after the call?
A. watch TV
B. sleep
C. take a bath
D. homework

30. When will they talk again?
A. Friday
B. Saturday
C. Sunday
D. Monday