Sri Lankan Cooking

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over 60 recipes; 101 color photos
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Learn to cook all your favorite Sri Lankan foods with this beautifully illustrated and easy-to-follow Sri Lankan cookbook.

Sri Lanka , the fabled island of sapphires and rubies, is home to one of the most intriguing of Asian cuisines. Rarely found in restaurants outside the island itself, Sri Lankan fare is often mistaken for yet another Indian cuisine. To the culinary explorer, however, Sri Lankan food is as intriguing and unique as the many other customs of this island paradise.

Sri Lankan Cooking introduces 64 sumptuous recipes to the curious cook, originating from the four corners of the island including many classic dishes. Clear, step-by-step directions make this ostensibly complicated cuisine accessible for the home cook. Stunning location photography, a detailed glossary of ingredients, and a comprehensive introduction to the culinary history of the island, make Sri Lankan Cooking the perfect companion for your adventure into the delicious world of Sri Lankan cooking.

Authentic Sri Lankan recipes include:
  • Rice Flour Hoppers
  • Aromatic Basmati Rice
  • Coconut Milk Rice
  • Sour Claypot Fish
  • Okra Curry
  • And many more…

About the Author:
Douglas Bullis is a writer with wide interests in modern Asian life. He has produced numerous books on Buddhist history and culture in Sri Lanka, as well as on Asian business. Bullis currently resides in India where he is writing about contemporary Indian artists and their culture.

Wendy Hutton has worked in Asia as a writer and editor for many years, specializing in travel and cuisine. She is particularly interested in the cuisines of South and South-East Asia and has published books on the food of Singapore, Thailand, and Bali. Wendy is based in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Photographer, Luca Invernizzi Tettoni has lived and worked in Asia since 1973. He specializes in books on various aspects of Asian culture, history and geography, and is well-known for his photographs in The Tropical House and Decorating with Flowers.