Kanji Cards Kit Volume 3

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Tuttle Publishing
Paperback & Kit
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512 cards; 16-pp. reference booklet in a 6 x 9 box
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6 X 9

Kanji Cards Kit Volume 3 provide ease of use, efficient organization and a large amount of data packed into compact cards. An integral and essential tool for anyone serious about the study of Japanese, this kit includes more than 500 flash cards and a detailed index booklet. There is still a focus on fundamental characters, like in Kanji Cards Kit Volumes 1 & 2, but Volume 3 also covers the more advanced characters in the Japanese language.

Features of Kanji Cards Kit Volume 3:
  • Features the most common verbs, nouns and adjectives likely to be encountered in everyday situations.
  • Listed according to the order of most frequent usage for progressive learning.
  • Each card features one main headword and several related words and expressions, to allow you to build your vocabulary quickly and easily.
  • Japanese text, in both kanji and kana, is printed on one side of each card, with romanized forms and English meanings on the other.
  • Sample sentences in Japanese (written in both kanji and kana) and English show the correct usage of each headword.
  • A 16-page instructional booklet provides an index by stroke order, an index by radicals and readings, as well as useful notes on pronunciation and grammar.
  • Convenient, portable size makes it easy to carry them with you to learn and test yourself during spare moments throughout the day.

About the Author:
Alexander Kask is the author of Kanji Cards: Volumes 1 and 2, and the best-selling Japanese in the Martial Arts. Alex is also an accomplished martial artist and instructor of Classical Ju-jutsu.