Survival Arabic

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4 X 6

A handy Arabic phrasebook and guide to the Arabic language, Survival Arabic contains basic vocabulary necessary for getting around the Middle East.

Whether you are traveling or interacting with native speakers abroad, experienced Arabic teacher Yamina Gharsa shows you which words and phrases to use in each situation. Completely revised and expanded with new mana illustrations this book contain sections on:
  • Getting to and from the airport
  • Ordering in restaurants
  • Arranging transportation and sightseeing
  • How to handle a medical emergency
  • Social media
  • And much more!
Survival Arabic uses Modern Standard Arabic and includes information on how to pronounce Arabic sounds and words, a guide to Arabic grammar, information on place names and honorifics, and manga illustrations for fun and as visual cues.

About the Author:
Dr. Fethi Mansouri lectures in Middle Eastern Language and Culture Studies at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. He has conducted numerous studies on the learning and teaching of Arabic as a second language, and has also pioneered research on the mental and psychological aspects of learning Arabic. He has published many books on foreign language pedagogy and multicultural education.