Chinese Characters

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Shanghai Press
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more than 250 color ancient scripts
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Explore the history and meanings behind Chinese characters with this fascinating language book.

Language can give a tremendous insight into the culture of a nation. Chinese characters, with their strong pictorial aspect, provide a great source of revealing information regarding ancient Chinese civilization and its historical connection with contemporary Chinese writing. As you turn the pages, you will tour a carefully selected collection of Chinese characters in daily use, illustrated by beautiful ancient inscriptions as well as both simple and detailed explanations. From these you can gain a better understanding and appreciation of the evolution of Chinese characters and the culture embodied in them.

The Chinese characters in this book are a modest representation which gives a clue to the amazing relationship between their forms and meanings. Generally they fall into four categories: radicals, people or body parts, plants and nature as well as objects, all related to the simple aspects of daily life in ancient China.

About the Author:
Nina Train Choa,/b> worked as an editor and journalist in New York and Shanghai for many years before moving to London with her family.