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This practical and concise self–study guide will help you learn Indonesian in a very short time

Indonesia is the hot new Asian destination, a country where lively conversation, good humor and warm human interaction are integral parts of daily life. In addition, the Indonesian language is widely considered to be one of the easiest Asian languages for Westerners to learn. Easy Indonesian brings Indonesian language and culture alive, giving you all the basics you need to start speaking Indonesian immediately. The opening chapters introduce the essentials of pronunciation and sentence construction, with each subsequent chapter moving you forward in gradually building up your knowledge for specific situations and activities, such as making new acquaintances, going shopping, traveling around, and much more.

Every chapter contains helpful information on the customs and culture of this warm and friendly country, so that you'll soon be able to read Indonesian, speak Indonesian and talk about everything from the weather to your job and home and family with ease. An extensive glossary at the back and a section on verb and noun forms are included to help you build your vocabulary and understand the different forms that Indonesian words take. The accompanying audio CD gives you a solid foundation in correct pronunciation and helps you get a feel for the spoken language, so you'll be able to understand what people are saying—and participate in conversations!

About the Author:
Thomas G. Oey, Ph.D., lives in Xiaoshing, China. He is also the author of Everyday Malay.

Katherine Davidsen has been a teacher of Japanese, Indonesian and ESL in Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam. She is the author of Tuttle's Concise Indonesian Dictionary and the Compact Indonesian Dictionary.