Paper Flowers Chinese Style

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Shanghai Press
Hardcover, Jacketed
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24 projects; full-color photos and illustrations
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7 1/4 X 10 1/4

This Chinese papercraft book introduces readers to 24 unique paper flower patterns, with techniques for their folding and decoration, and tips for composition, color matching, floral vessels and display.

The 24 patterns are designed to match the "24 solar terms" on the Chinese lunisolar calendar, with six flowers for each of the four seasons. They are ideal for gracing your living room, bedroom, study or hallway, as ornaments on mirrors and bookcases, or as wall hangings and window display, or being made into bracelet, garland and hairpin accessories. Some can look surprisingly realistic, while others are ingeniously designed, all being great for birthday parties, family gatherings, New Year parties and weddings. Notably, each design has incorporated elements of the Chinese art of flower arrangement, with elegant simplicity and Eastern charm.

The Chinese origami book comes with patterns for folds for each design. Readers can either copy these patterns by hand on their preferred paper or simply photocopy them to cut and fold paper flowers by themselves.

About the Author:
Liu Fang is a paper-folding expert with over a decade of studying and developing paper flower folding behind her. She is frequently invited to give lectures and demonstrations on paper flower folding at schools and institutions.

Yue Yunyun is a full-time paper flower maker. She has devoted herself to paper flower making for the last eight years and has accumulated a wealth of experience in this handcraft art. Well-trained in fine art, she imbues her designs with inspirational beauty and is known for her specialty skills in creating flower petals of various shapes and in flower coloring.