Color & Collage Origami Kit PDFs


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Christmas Tree:

christmas tree background black & white
christmas tree background
decoration 1
decoration 2

Gingerbread House:

cake back 1
cake back 2
cake front 1
cake front 2
candy cane back
candy cane front 1
candy cane front 2
cookie 1 front
cookie 2 front
cookie back
gingerbread boy and girl back
gingerbread boy front
gingerbread girl front
gingerbread house back black & white
gingerbread house background
sweet back
sweet front 1
sweet front 2
sweet front 3
sweet front 4

Noah's Arc

bat back
bat front
dog back
dog front
dove back
dove front
elephant back
elephant front
horse back
horse front
lion back
lion front
lioness back
lioness front
mouse back
mouse front
noah back
noah front
noah's ark background black & white
noah's ark background
pig back
pig front
rhinoceros back
rhinoceros front

Penguin Picnic:

fish 1 front
fish 2 front
fish back
penguin back 4 x 4
penguin back 6 x 6
penguin front 4 x 4
penguin front 6 x 6
penguin picnic background black & white
penguin picnic background
seabird back
seabird front
seal back
seal front
whale back
whale front


bed back
bed front
chair back
chair front
piano back
piano front
playhouse background black & white
playhouse background
sofa back
sofa front
table back
table front

Starry Sky:

comet large back
comet large front
comet small back
comet small front
moon back
moon front
planet 1 back
planet 1 front
planet 2 back
planet 2 front
rocket back
rocket front
star back 4 x 4
star back 6 x 6
star back 8 x 8
star front 4 x 4
star front 6 x 6
star front 8 x 8
starry sky background black & white
starry sky background