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23 Listening S4 Answers and Scripts.pdf
JLPT CRAMMAR_Flashcard.pdf
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Audio Flashcards
(a the) energetic one.mp3
(a the) Japanese one.mp3
(a the) red one.mp3
(Do you) want wine.mp3
(I) am also taking the bus to Tokyo.mp3
(I) am busy just now.mp3
(I) am eating a lot of bad food so (I) became fat.mp3
(I) am going home.mp3
(I) am going out for a little bit and coming back.mp3
(I) am going to buy that red car.mp3
(I) am going to drink beer are you drinking.mp3
(I) am going to eat pasta or pizza.mp3
(I) am going to watch the DVD I bought yesterday.mp3
(I) am not free except Saturday.mp3
(I) ate the apple.mp3
(I) brushed (my) teeth.mp3
(I) came to Japan to study Japanese.mp3
(I) climbed a mountain so (I) am a little tired.mp3
(I) did all the homework However (I) still dont understand.mp3
(I) didnt drink alcohol but (I) feel bad.mp3
(I) didnt drink anything but water.mp3
(I) didnt go anywhere but Tokyo.mp3
(I) didnt tell anyone.mp3
(I) dont know if (I) am going to buy a new computer or not.mp3
(I) dont know if (I) am going to France or not.mp3
(I) dont need this kind of computer.mp3
(I) dont smoke anymore.mp3
(I) dont want a dog.mp3
(I) dont want to drink milk.mp3
(I) dont want to go to Osaka.mp3
(I) eat dinner while watching TV.mp3
(I) forgot (the) womans name but (I) know her face only.mp3
(I) have a little money.mp3
(I) have a lot of work so todays night (I) am not going to sleep.mp3
(I) have class once a week.mp3
(I) have no money except 10 yen.mp3
(I) havent eaten lunch yet.mp3
(I) just wanted to see you.mp3
(I) like (them) too.mp3
(I) like dogs But (I) dont like cats.mp3
(I) like dogs.mp3
(I) like pasta sushi (and other things like that).mp3
(I) read that whole book.mp3
(I) slept well last night.mp3
(I) sometimes meet Mr Tanaka.mp3
(I) started (my) job 4 years ago.mp3
(I) studied Japanese all night.mp3
(I) swam together with Mr Nishimaki.mp3
(I) talked to Mr Smith on the phone.mp3
(I) want a new car.mp3
(I) want to drink beer.mp3
(I) want to eat something but (I) dont have money.mp3
(I) want to go see Japan.mp3
(I) want to go to a foreign country.mp3
(I) want to go to France but it is a little far.mp3
(I) want to listen to that song one more time.mp3
(I) want to sleep somewhat more.mp3
(I) wanted a red hat.mp3
(I) went shopping to the store where my younger brother works.mp3
(I) went to Germany (I) also went to France.mp3
(I) went to practice piano in a classroom.mp3
(I) went to the station And then met my friend and ate lunch.mp3
(I) went to Tokyo by plane.mp3
(I) will shut off the lights.mp3
(I) will shut the door.mp3
(I) work 9 to 5.mp3
(I) wrote a letter with a pen.mp3
(I)m going to practice guitar.mp3
(Im going) to open the door.mp3
(Im going) to practice Japanese.mp3
(Im going) to Tokyo.mp3
(It) didnt rain yet this month.mp3
(It) has been hot since the 4th.mp3
(It) is 15000 yen.mp3
(It) is cold Thats why (I) dont want to go out today.mp3
(It) is delicious.mp3
(It) is just right.mp3
(It) is raining now.mp3
(The) phone number is 555-4565 isnt it.mp3
(The) sound is getting gradually louder.mp3
(There) is a car.mp3
(There) is Mr.Tanaka.mp3
(We) are eating dinner from 7.mp3
A dog has 4 legs.mp3
Aah that is my car.mp3
About when did you wake up today.mp3
across the street from.mp3
After (I) ate dinner (I) went to bed.mp3
After (I) eat dinner (I) will watch a movie.mp3
After (I) took the medicine (I) became energetic.mp3
After you.mp3
Ah well.mp3
Another cylindrical item please.mp3
Apples are 1000 yen for 5.mp3
Are (you) coming together (with me) until the station.mp3
Are there many foreigners in Japan.mp3
Are you going to that new bakery.mp3
As for coffee (I) drink (it) As for tea (I) dont drink (it).mp3
As for heading to Tokyo (I) am going by train.mp3
As for me (in contrast to other people) I drink beer.mp3
Before (I) leave the house (I) will put on a jacket.mp3
between the library and the restaurant.mp3
Could you please lend me that book.mp3
Could you please speak more slowly.mp3
Could you please tell me the waystreet.mp3
Dad climbs trees easily.mp3
Dad is very busy every day.mp3
Did (you) buy something in Tokyo.mp3
Did (you) eat something this morning.mp3
Did (you) meet (your) friend yesterday.mp3
Did you swim with someone at the pool.mp3
Do (you) come here often.mp3
Do (you) want more beer.mp3
east of the city.mp3
Every day (I) wake up at 7 brush my teeth and then eat breakfast.mp3
Every day (I) wake up at 8.mp3
Every day I read books whose Japanese is easy.mp3
Excuse me (waitress).mp3
Excuse me.mp3
Father was standing straight.mp3
Get better.mp3
good day.mp3
Good evening.mp3
good morning.mp3
Good night.mp3
Grandpa doesnt watch TV so much.mp3
Grandpas house is very wide (spacious).mp3
Green is (the color I like).mp3
Happy birthday.mp3
Here you go.mp3
Hey its already time to wake up.mp3
Hokkaido is north of Japan.mp3
How deep is this river.mp3
How is Japanese beer.mp3
How long does it take to get to the station.mp3
How many books do (you) read every month.mp3
How much is this watch.mp3
How tall is that mountain.mp3
I almost always take a bath before I go to bed.mp3
I almost always wake up at 5.mp3
I am Mr Nishimura.mp3
I bought a new car That car was very expensive Thats why I dont have much money.mp3
I dont believe in Mr Nishimura.mp3
I got married when I was 25.mp3
I returned straight home.mp3
I sometimes wrote letters to my older sister.mp3
I studied Japanese at the library.mp3
I want to take a trip where is good.mp3
Ill be back.mp3
Ill clean it.mp3
Im 20 years old.mp3
Im a doctor.mp3
Im going to buy two neckties.mp3
Im home.mp3
Im not free tomorrow.mp3
In summer milk becomes bad right away.mp3
in the back of the bus.mp3
in the front of the bus.mp3
in the shoe.mp3
in this area.mp3
Is Mr Tanaka coming together (with us) too.mp3
Is that (over there) the Glitz Hotel.mp3
Is the snow falling again.mp3
Is there a post office in this area.mp3
It takes about 2 hours to get to Tokyo by train.mp3
Its a bright room.mp3
Japanese is difficult However (it) is fun.mp3
Last night was terribly quiet.mp3
Last week I was sick.mp3
Last year (I) went to Japan for the first time.mp3
Lets drink beer after work.mp3
Lets meet around 3.mp3
Likewise I look forward to working with you.mp3
Mom returned home and went to bed immediately.mp3
Mom runs fast.mp3
Mother doesnt speak English so much.mp3
Mr Miller always speaks English.mp3
Mr Morishita is probably sleeping.mp3
Mr Nishimura always wakes up late.mp3
Mr Nishimura is coming in the morning.mp3
Mr Nishimura is tall and thin.mp3
Mr Nishimuras son is gradually getting taller isnt he.mp3
Mr Sato works well every day.mp3
Mr Shah has a lot of friends.mp3
Mr Shah is an energetically fun person.mp3
Mr Smith likes cats.mp3
Mr Smith studies the Japanese language.mp3
Mr Smith went to a meeting.mp3
Mr Tanaka is slender.mp3
Mr Tanaka is thin.mp3
Mr Tanakas cat is really smart.mp3
Mr Watanabe and Mr Nishimura came.mp3
Mr Yamada was absent from work today because he was sick.mp3
Mr Yamanaka is probably going to become famous.mp3
Ms Kitamura already came.mp3
Ms Kitamura is a pretty woman.mp3
Ms Kitamura is nice so (I) like (her).mp3
Ms Kitamuras daughter is quite pretty.mp3
Ms Tanaka is about 30 years old.mp3
Ms Tanaka is always working.mp3
Ms Tanaka made a company And (she) wrote 3 books.mp3
MsKitamura speaks Japanese and English Moreover (she) speaks Spanish.mp3
My apartment is terribly small.mp3
My daughter cries often.mp3
My house is next to the river.mp3
My younger brother is tall And (he) is a smart person.mp3
near the book.mp3
near the station.mp3
next to the bank.mp3
Next week (I) am working in that building over there.mp3
Next weekend (I) am going to only read books at home.mp3
Nice to meet you I look forward to working with you.mp3
Nishimura-sensei has taught me a variety of (things).mp3
No (I) didnt eat anything.mp3
No (I) didnt meet (my friend).mp3
No it was quiet.mp3
No thanks.mp3
No this is my car.mp3
north of the city.mp3
Now its 1245.mp3
on top of the desk.mp3
On weekends (I) read books watch movies and stuff like that.mp3
One beer please.mp3
One more please.mp3
Only I went to see the movie.mp3
outside of the box.mp3
Please (do that for me).mp3
Please call (me) when (you) come to Tokyo.mp3
Please come again.mp3
Please dont drink beer.mp3
Please dont smoke cigarettes drink alcohol or stuff like that in the hospital.mp3
Please dont smoke.mp3
Please eat slowly.mp3
Please make (it) short.mp3
See you later.mp3
Sit please.mp3
Somebody opened the door.mp3
Sorry (for troubling you).mp3
Sorry for going first.mp3
Sorry for leaving before you Thanks for working hard.mp3
south of the city.mp3
Take care.mp3
Thank you (very much).mp3
Thank you for giving us this meal.mp3
Thank you for your hard work.mp3
Thank you.mp3
That hotel is splendidly large.mp3
That is a famous book.mp3
That person is a doctor.mp3
That was delicious (lit That was a feast.).mp3
That woman speaks quietly.mp3
The bus leaves in 15 minutes.mp3
The day before yesterdays meeting was boring.mp3
The dog is cute.mp3
The door is open.mp3
The door will shut.mp3
The lights shut off.mp3
The things at this store are all expensive.mp3
The work will become easy after a year.mp3
There is a message on the paper.mp3
There is a restroom over there too.mp3
There is a sweet dessert.mp3
There is a variety of coffee.mp3
There is one pen for each person.mp3
This cake is delicious.mp3
This camera is a little expensive Will (you) make (it) cheaper.mp3
This food is delicious so (I) ate a lot.mp3
This is Mr Tanaka.mp3
This is Ms Smith.mp3
This is my car.mp3
This is the teachers hat.mp3
This letter is a little difficult please make (it) easier.mp3
This luggage is.mp3
This novel wasnt difficult.mp3
This restaurant always has a lot of people.mp3
This TV is expensive yeah.mp3
This weekend are you going somewhere.mp3
to the left of Mr Tanaka.mp3
to the left of the bank.mp3
to the right of Mr Tanaka.mp3
to the right of the bank.mp3
Today (I) am going to eat lunch and go to the school.mp3
Today (I) did work and studied Japanese Moreover (I) did the laundry and cleaned.mp3
Today (I) have work.mp3
Today is Monday the 20th.mp3
Tomorrow (I) am going to eat sushi go shopping and stuff like that in Osaka.mp3
Tomorrow (I) am not going anywhere.mp3
Turn left and then go straight please.mp3
Two tickets please.mp3
under the desk.mp3
Until when.mp3
Was that restaurant lively.mp3
We are going to the station.mp3
Welcome (more polite).mp3
Welcome back.mp3
Well (I) am going to take a shower.mp3
Well after work lets meet at the movie theater.mp3
Well then lets go drinking.mp3
Well then the meeting is starting.mp3
west of the city.mp3
What are (you) always eating for dinner.mp3
What are you doing tomorrow night.mp3
What is inside the box.mp3
What is written on (the) letter.mp3
What kind of color do you like.mp3
What should we do for dinner.mp3
When (you) are free what are (you) doing.mp3
When my older sister was young she was beautiful.mp3
Where do you want to go.mp3
Where is the place (you) want to go.mp3
Which car are you going to buy.mp3
Which is my luggage.mp3
Whose car is that.mp3
Why do (you) want to meet only me.mp3
Would you like to go swimming.mp3
Yes (I) am going to the bookstore.mp3
Yes I bought delicious candy.mp3
Yes Im going It was delicious.mp3
Yes that (over there) is the Glitz Hotel.mp3
Yesterday (I) made dinner for the first time.mp3
Yesterday (I) went and climbed a mountain.mp3
Yesterday I went to Tokyo from Osaka.mp3
Yesterday was dark and cold.mp3
Your cellphone is really small.mp3
Youre welcome.mp3


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