Practical Korean Audio

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Set A:
Lesson 01 Vowels
Lesson 02 Consonants
Lesson 03 Sound Changes
Lesson 04 Names and Greetings
Lesson 05 Sentence Structure
Lesson 06 Some Useful Expressions
Lesson 07 More Useful Expressions
Lesson 08 Is and Has
Lesson 09 Styles of Speech
Lesson 10 Some Handy Nouns
Lesson 11 More Handy Nouns
Lesson 12 Particles
Lesson 13 More Particles
Lesson 14 Some Tricky Particles
Lesson 15 Numerals
Lesson 16 Nouns Ending in -t
Lesson 17 Counting Things
Lesson 18 Telling Time
Lesson 19 What Day Is It
Lesson 20 Months and Years
Lesson 21 Negative Sentences
Lesson 22 Where Things Are
Lesson 23 Verbs and Adjectives
Lesson 24 Relatives
Lesson 25 Honorifics
Lesson 26 The Word But
Lesson 27 Infinitives and Favors
Lesson 28 Expressing May and Must
Lesson 29 Helping Verbs
Lesson 30 The go Verb Form
Lesson 31 Wants and Likes
Lesson 32 Infinitive+seo=And So
Lesson 33 Some Peculiar Verb Types
Lesson 34 The Modifiers eun and n
Lesson 35 The Verb Modifier neun
Lesson 36 Ever, Never and Sometimes
Lesson 37 Before, After and While
Lesson 38 In the Future
Lesson 39 Knows and Can
Lesson 40 When and If
Lesson 41 Hoping and Wishing
Lesson 42 What the Weather Looks Like
Lesson 43 Because
Lesson 44 Casual Remarks Using jiyo
Lesson 45 Some Abbreviations
Lesson 46 The Structure of Verb Forms


Set B:

Lesson 01 Vowels.mp3
Lesson 02 Consonants.mp3
Lesson 03 Sound Changes.mp3
Lesson 04 Name and Greetings.mp3
Lesson 05 Sentence Structure.mp3
Lesson 06 Some Useful Expressions.mp3
Lesson 07 More Useful Expressions.mp3
Lesson 08 Is and Has.mp3
Lesson 09 Styles of Speech.mp3
Lesson 10 Some Handy Nouns.mp3
Lesson 11 More Handy Nouns.mp3
Lesson 12 Particles.mp3
Lesson 13 More Particles.mp3
Lesson 14 Some Tricky Particles.mp3
Lesson 15 Numerals.mp3
Lesson 16 Noun Ending in -t.mp3
Lesson 17 Counting Things.mp3
Lesson 18 Telling Time.mp3
Lesson 19 What Day Is It_.mp3
Lesson 20 Months and Years.mp3
Lesson 21 Negative Sentences.mp3
Lesson 22 Where Things Are.mp3
Lesson 23 Verb and Adjectives.mp3
Lesson 24 Relatives.mp3
Lesson 25 Honorifics.mp3
Lesson 26 The Word _But_.mp3
Lesson 27 Infinitives And Favors.mp3
Lesson 28 Expressing _May_ and _Must_.mp3
Lesson 29 Helping Verbs.mp3
Lesson 30 The -go Verb Form.mp3
Lesson 31 Wants and Likes.mp3
Lesson 32 Infinitive seo _And So_.mp3
Lesson 33 Some Peculiar Verb Types.mp3
Lesson 34 The Modifiers -eun and -n.mp3
Lesson 35 The Verb Modifier -neun.mp3
Lesson 36 Ever Never and Sometimes.mp3
Lesson 37 Before After and While.mp3
Lesson 38 In the Future.mp3
Lesson 39 _Knows_ and _Can_.mp3
Lesson 40 _When_ and _If_.mp3
Lesson 41 Hoping and Wishing.mp3
Lesson 42 What the Weather Looks Like.mp3
Lesson 43 Because.mp3
Lesson 44 Casual Remarks Using -jiyo.mp3
Lesson 45 Some Abbreviations.mp3
Lesson 46 The Structure of Verb Forms.mp3