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  • Dollar Origami! This book is a wonderful gift for someone who likes crafts and conversation pieces. Michael Lafosse’s Dollar Origami includes 20 paper folding techniques with money or money size paper.

LaFosse & Alexander's Dollar Origami

Convert Your Ordinary Cash into Extraordinary Art! [Full-Color Book & Instructional DVD]

Michael G. LaFosse, Richard L. Alexander
Tuttle Publishing
Spiral bound
Date Published:
includes 3 hour DVD; 48 tear-out practice bills; full-color diagrams and photos throughout
Number of Pages:
18 oz
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These days, a dollar won't get you very far, but—in the right hands—a dollar bill can become a work of art.

In Michael LaFosse's Dollar Origami, the world-renowned origami artist and co-founder of the eminent Origamido Studio shares twenty incredible creations specifically designed to be made out of dollar bills. Folded money models are wonderful gifts and conversation pieces, and LaFosse makes it easy for you to get started with projects ranging from "very simple" to "challenging". In addition to his unique and exclusive collection of twenty paper folding projects, LaFosse includes:
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Origami diagrams
  • 48 tear-out practice "dollar bills" with quick-start folding lines for the first five projects
  • An instructional DVD with more than three hours of lessons, detailing each project in the book

It's no wonder that more and more people are realizing how fun dollar bill origami can be. Printed currency is easy to fold, remarkably durable, intricately patterned, and readily available. Whether you're making The Windmill Pillow, Prosperity Bamboo, The George Washington Knot, or Drahcir the Dragon, you—and your friends—will be delighted with the results!

Author Bio

Origami master Michael G. LaFosse is co-founder of the Origamido Studio, a learning center and design studio dedicated to the art of origami, and the only place in the world specializing in hand papermaking for the origami artist. LaFosse was prominently featured in the recent Peabody Award-winning documentary, Between the Folds.

Richard L. Alexander co-founded the Origamido Studio, where he is the chief papermaker. Together, Alexander and LaFosse have created dozens of origami exhibitions, and more than seventy books, kits, and videos about paper and paper arts.