Intermediate Japanese Workbook (9780804846974)

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Tuttle Publishing
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more than 180 b&w illus, series website, perforated pages
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8 1/2 X 11

Boost your language skills with this exciting and new workbook for Intermediate Japanese!

This companion workbook to Intermediate Japanese is the perfect guide for practicing conversational Japanese and written Japanese. Following in the footsteps of Tuttle's successful Beginning Japanese Workbook, this book is designed to complete the requirements for the Advanced Placement (AP) Japanese exam. It is designed for both self-study as well as classroom use.

Intermediate Japanese Workbook includes:
  • Dialogues for contextual learning and practice
  • Translation exercises to reinforce Japanese characters (Kanji and Hiragana)
  • Reading comprehension exercises, questions, and prompts
  • Extensive vocabulary and grammar, games and activities to reinforce learning
  • 125 new Kanji (a cumulative total of 300 with the Beginning Japanese Workbook).

Developed by Japanese language experts and experienced high-school Japanese teachers, it includes practice activities for reading, writing, speaking, listening and understanding Japanese. The activities are varied and interesting, mirroring the textbook, and they help you polish every aspect of your Japanese language skills. Written activities center around practicing writing kanji, hiragana, and katakana in the context of the textbook. Whether you're learning Japanese for fun, preparing for a Japanese proficiency exam, want to achieve AP or IB level competency, or just want to get an A in Japanese class, the Intermediate Japanese series is your key to becoming a confident Japanese-speaker. All exercises are designed to be used along with the Intermediate Japanese textbook but can also be used independently to supplement any other Japanese language textbook.

The content is carefully aligned with ACTFL National Standards, making this a valuable and practical resource for any learner.

About the Author:
Michael L. Kluemper was a JET Program participant from 1990-93 in Akita-ken, and has been teaching about Japanese language and culture since that time. Serving as a board member for the National Council of Japanese Language Teachers from 2001-08, Kluemper served as president, newsletter editor, and on national task forces for the implementation of a Japanese AP course, National Board Certification for teachers, and various advocacy campaigns. Kluemper teaches Japanese at the high school level at Ballard High School in Louisville, KY.

Lisa Berkson has been teaching Japanese language at the high school level for eight years. After earning her teaching certificate, Berkson led the Japanese language program at Warren Central High School, in Indianapolis, IN, for seven years. She currently teaches Japanese and Chinese language classes at Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona.