Singapore Street Atlas Third Edition (9780794604196)

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Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd.
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114 color maps
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7 3/4 X 10 5/8

Finding your way around Singapore has never been easier! This superior atlas has been designed to fit the needs of Singapore residents and visitors—to assist them in quickly finding their way.

SINGAPORE'S FIRST AND ONLY TRUE STREET ATLAS. Designed with the user in mind. Logical, clear, informative—from Periplus, Asia's leading book and map publisher.

LESS PAGE FLIPPING. More maps and larger size maps reduces flipping between pages to locate your destination. This atlas is designed at the ideal scales for Singapore—providing coverage of greater areas at-a-glance.

ENHANCED CLARITY. The first atlas produced to exacting 'world Class' cartographic standards. Each road and building is colour coded, so you find your way more quickly. No strange symbols or garish colors to detract from important map information.

FINDER MAPS MAKE NAVIGATION EASY. Large-scale Finder Maps at 1:40,000 scale show all of Singapore in just 18 pages. Helps you get from A to B in a flash. Finder Maps show every major road and most minor ones in all parts of Singapore.

DETAILED CENTRAL CITY MAPS. Critical central city areas are shown at the detailed scale of 1:7500. No other atlas gives as comprehensive coverage of these areas—every street, important building and city landmark is clearly shown.

USER-FRIENDLY INDEX. The most important tool in any atlas is the index. The Periplus atlas has more listings and each section within the index is clearly labeled for easy reference.

INCLUDED JOHOR BAHRU. No other atlas includes such extensive and detailed coverage of Singapore's closest neighbor.