Survival Japanese (9784805313626)

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A handy Japanese phrasebook and guide to the Japanese language, Survival Japanese contains basic vocabulary necessary for traveling in Japan.

This best-selling phrase book has been dramatically expanded and improved to provide you with all the key Japanese words and phrases needed for daily communication when visiting Japan. An introductory section contains essential guidelines on pronunciation and grammar, and every word and phrase is written out in hiragana and Romanized form—making Survival Japanese an indispensable tool to anyone traveling to Japan who needs a quick grasp of functional Japanese for every situation.

This revised and updated edition contains new sections with useful phrases relating to computers, Internet, smart phones, and texting. Humorous illustrations show the language being used in context. A new glossary section allows readers to locate quickly and easily the language they need for daily interactions.

Key features of Survival Japanese include:
  • Hundreds of useful Japanese words and expressions
  • A short Japanese dictionary in the back
  • Up-to-date expressions for the internet, mobile, and social media
  • Romanized forms, phonetic spellings, and Japanese script (Kanji and Kana) for all words and phrases
  • Tone markings indicated for all words and phrases
  • A concise background and history of the Japanese language
  • A pronunciation guide for Japanese words including long vowels, double consonants, and accents
  • A guide to Japanese grammar including word order, questions, singular vs. plural, and formal, vs. informal

About the Author:
Boye Lafayette De Mente has been involved with Japan, China, and Korea since the late 1940s as a member of a U.S. intelligence agency, student, trade journalist, editor, and author working out of Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He is a graduate of Jochi University in Tokyo and The American Institute for Foreign Trade (now Thunderbird: The School of Global Management). His 70-plus books include Japan's Cultural Code Words, Business Guide to Japan, and Japan Unmasked.