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99 recipes; 160 color photographs
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"This is a colorful crash course in Filipino cooking, with everything from classic chicken adobo to modern twists like squash and long bean risotto. [Marvin] creates a book that he hopes will spark a new and lasting interest in Filipino food and culture."--Food Network blog

In The Adobo Road Cookbook, Marvin Gapultos, a food blogger-turned-gourmet food trucker, brings the exotic--yet easy to make--flavors of the Philippines into your home with this beautiful Filipino Cookbook.

With a distinct lack of Filipino restaurants to be found, the road to tasty Filipino food begins and ends at home. In his debut cookbook, Marvin demonstrates that Filipino cuisine can be prepared in any kitchen--from Manila to Los Angeles and everywhere in-between. Marvin interprets traditional Filipino flavors with equal parts kitchen savvy and street smarts--providing easy-to-follow, tried-and-true recipes that serve as a guide to the pleasures of Filipino cooking. The nearly 100 recipes in these pages pave a culinary road trip that transports home cooks to the roadside food stalls, bars and home kitchens of the Philippines, to the hungry streets of L.A., and even into the kitchens of Marvin's grandmother, mother and aunties.

A highly personal take on traditional Filipino cooking, The Adobo Road Cookbook boasts a tantalizing mix of native Filipino flavors, as well as influences from Spain, Mexico, China, and the U.S. From chapters featuring surefire entertaining foods like Filipino bar food, street food and cocktails to a complete section of adobo recipes, both traditional and with a twist, the recipes found in The Adobo Road Cookbook express Marvin's unique approach to cooking. All of his recipes emphasize their authentic Filipino roots, taking advantage of traditional island flavors for which the Philippines is rightly renowned.

Original Filipino recipes include:
  • Slow-Braised Pork Belly and Pineapple Adobo
  • Spicy Sizzling Pork (Sisig)
  • Salmon and Miso Sour Soup (Sinigang)
  • Chili Crab Spring Rolls (Lumpia)
  • Coconut Milk Risotto with Kabocha Squash and Long Beans
  • Chicken Adobo Pot Pies
  • Sweet Corn and Coconut Milk Panna Cotta
  • Spicy Sizzling Pork
  • Gin Fizz Tropical
  • Banana-Nut Spring Rolls

About the Author:
Marvin Gapultos is the writer of the celebrated food blog, Burnt Lumpia, and was the founder of Los Angeles' first gourmet Filipino food truck, The Manila Machine. Marvin has been a pioneer in the growing popularity of Filipino cuisine. Because of his contemporary take on traditional Filipino food, The Manila Machine gained both a loyal following, as well as critical acclaim, in just a short amount of time. Using his knowledge and experience with Filipino ingredients and flavors, Marvin not only developed the menu for his mobile restaurant, but he was also responsible for cooking the food. Marvin's singular passion and focus on the food of the Philippines has made him a sought-after expert and authority on Filipino cuisine. Since shutting down The Manila Machine in 2011, Marvin spends his time as a food and marketing writer. He lives with his wife and son in Southern California.