Beginning Chinese Characters (9780804845076)

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Tuttle Publishing
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Includes Native-speaker Online Audio and Printable Flash Cards; stroke order diagrams & b&w line drawings
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7 1/2 X 10

Learn the essential Mandarin Chinese characters and words in everyday use in China!

Anyone planning to learn Chinese knows that there are 300 primary characters they must understand to function in China. This systematic introduction to the Mandarin language is designed to help you learn them fast—along with how to pronounce, write, and remember 1,200 key vocabulary words and phrases.

Essential for anyone wishing to pass the official Chinese government HSK Level 1 & 2 proficiency exam or the Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese Language and Culture Exam, Beginning Chinese Characters presents these 300 characters in a series of very simple and easy lessons:
  • The Chinese characters are grouped into themes with a warm-up narrative for each one
  • Each character's pronunciation and meanings in combination with other characters are presented
  • Exercises to practice recognizing the characters and using the vocabulary are provided
  • Writing guides show you how to write each correctly
  • Includes easy access to online native speaker audio recordings and free, printable flashcards

This straightforward, easy-to-use resource is ideal for test-prep and mastering essential vocabulary, pronunciation and writing. With useful English, Pinyin and Mandarin characters, this book helps you to use what you learn both within a formal classroom setting and in real-life situations in China.

About the Author:
Dr. Haohsiang Liao is Senior Lecturer of Chinese Studies in charge of the Chinese Language Program at MIT. Before joining MIT, he taught at various institutions including Williams, Harvard and Ohio State.

Kang Zhou is Lecturer in Chinese at MIT. Before joining MIT, he taught at Brown, Williams and Harvard University.