Learning Chinese(9780804855303)

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Tuttle Publishing
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b&w manga illustrations; Online Audio & Printable Flash Cards
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Everything you need to learn Chinese is in this book--at a fraction of the cost of expensive language kits!

This book teaches you all the basics of the Chinese language, including practical conversations and vocabulary, and how to write the basic characters--with manga comic strips for easy learning! It enables you to begin communicating effectively from the first day. All Chinese words and sentences are given in Chinese characters and hanyu pinyin romanized form for easy pronunciation, with English translations.

The book includes useful notes and explanations on pronunciation, the Chinese script, greetings and requests, basic sentence structure and vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and etiquette dos and don'ts. A useful bi-directional dictionary of commonly-used Chinese words and phrases is provided at the back.

Key features of this book include:
  • 20 easy lessons with dialogues and manga-style comic strips
  • Basic sentences and vocabulary used by young people in daily conversations
  • Designed for self-study learners as well as beginning level classes
  • Chinese characters and pinyin romanized versions of all texts for easy pronunciation
  • Free online audio recordings of all the Chinese dialogues, vocabulary and exercises

Cultural notes are provided to help you understand Chinese customs and norms. Printable flash cards are also available for free online.

About the Author:
Dr. Haohsiang Liao is Senior Lecturer directing the Chinese Language Program at MIT. Before joining MIT, he taught at various universities including Williams, Harvard, and Ohio State.