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Asia is now at the forefront of the international spa movement with the creation of many of the world's finest luxury spas—most of which base their treatments on traditional Asian therapies and formulas.

Drawing on the expertise of many of Asia's best therapists, doctors, and wellness experts from around the region, ultimate spa offers a comprehensive look at the finest spas in Asia and the unparalleled range of therapies they now offer.

This spa pictorial not only describes Asia's best-known destination and day spas in detail, it delves deeply into the ancient wellness traditions of Ayurveda, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and other health and beauty secrets which are largely responsible for the phenomenal success of Asian spas today. The emphasis is on spiritual well-being and natural holistic curatives. All spas and photographs, many with extensive how-to sequences and detailed recipes and instructions. This book is a must-have for spa goers and spa professionals everywhere.

About the Author:
Judy Chapman is a leading health and spa writer and former Editor-in-Chief of Spa Asia magazine. She was co-founder of Sanctum Pure Body Products, one of the world's first purest holistic spa care lines and is author of three best-selling books on well-being. For the past five years, she has been exploring the spa scene of Asia with treks through Thailand, Japan, the Himalayas, Maldives and Ayurvedic centers across India and Sri Lanka. She is a regular contributor to international spa publications and lives between Singapore and Australia.

Miriam Van Doorn, the treatment editor who created many of the recipes in this book has been involved in the beauty, spa and wellness industry since 1988. She is a qualified yoga teacher and wellness writer, and runs her own holistic spa consultancy company, Babylon Enterprises.

Luca Invernizzi Tettoni was a world-renowned photographer who lived and worked in Asia for four decades. He specialized in books on aspects of Asian culture, history and geography, and was well-known for his photographs in over 100 books including Balinese Gardens, Thai Style, Thai Garden Style, The Tropical Garden, Tropical Asian Style, The Tropical House of the Philippines, Tropical Gardens of the Philippines and Decorating with Flowers.