A Complete Guide to Chinese Brush Painting (9780804854528)

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Tuttle Publishing
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40 color illustrations and 410 b&w illustrations
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8 1/2 X 11

Paint the classic subjects that inspired ancient Chinese masters.

This book introduces the venerable art of painting with ink on rice paper using traditional techniques developed over a thousand years ago. It is ideal for a beginner hoping to practice a large variety of techniques and subjects.

With this practical guide, you will learn to paint:
  • Towering landscapes
  • The elegant Four Gentlemen
  • Plants like bamboo, orchids, plum blossoms, and chrysanthemums
  • Five animals from the Chinese Zodiac
  • The basic strokes used in calligraphy
  • And more!
Known as a "soft martial art," brush painting is as meditative as it is artistic. As you move through the lessons and exercises, you'll gain insight into and appreciation for the symbolism, historical context, techniques, and mindfulness associated with this ancient art form.

About the Author:
Caroline Self has studied Asian brush painting for over thirty years. She holds a B. A. in bacteriology and public health, a teaching credential in art from UC Berkeley, and a master's degree in art education and sculpture from San Diego State University. She taught art in the San Diego City Schools for twenty-five years and taught Asian brush painting to children for six years at the San Diego Museum of Art. She has studied traditional brush painting with teachers in Southern California, Japan, China, and Taiwan. She also paints and exhibits her colorful watercolor and acrylic paintings.

Susan Self studied art in college and on trips to Europe and Asia, often accompanying her mother. She has a Ph.D. in comparative literature from UC San Diego, where she taught in writing programs. She worked as a technical writer documenting software development tools before transitioning into the wireless telecommunications industry, where she works as a writer and research consultant.