Drawing Manga Sword Fighters & Fantastic Fight Scenes

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With Over 850 Illustrations
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The legendary samurai, and the sharp-edged katanas they mastered, are the point of departure for this thrill-seeking guide to drawing swordfights, battle scenes and skirmishes.

The Complete Guide to Drawing Dynamic Manga Sword Fighters jumps right in, starting with the body, the fighter's stance and the various ways your characters can be twisted, torqued and turned into powerful poses. No detail is overlooked—from the grip on the weapon to the intense gaze on your characters' faces. The focus then shifts to weapons, including an entire chapter devoted to the various razor-sharp options your characters can come armed with.

This invaluable manga drawing guide then concludes with a gallery of full-color scenes, poses and anime stills showing important, aspirational details: captivating scenes, compelling characters and powerful weapons at the ready.

With this book, intermediate artists can refine their style and add intensity, authenticity and drama to their stories. Enjoy as your characters slash, fence and fight their way through your own custom-designed action manga.

About the Author:
Natsuo specializes in character design, digital illustration and television animation. In addition to his expertise at drawing fight scenes and combat manga, he's contributed artwork and illustrations to the Vazzrock series, Tsukipro the Animation and Phantom Thief Nocturne.