Hokusai's Daughter (9784805318614)

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full-color woodblock prints; Bilingual English and Japanese Text

A girl with grit, determination, passion and a paintbrush—can achieve amazing things!

Whether working in his studio or out in the field, Japanese artist Hokusai had a constant companion—his youngest daughter, Eijo. Wherever they went, Eijo brought along her own bag of brushes and the same artistic brilliance and passion as her dad. Hokusai's Daughter tells the story of a clever girl who refuses to believe that only men can create great works of art.

Told that she can't become an artist because she's a girl, Eijo sets out to prove everyone wrong. She's determined to become the proverbial koi that swims up the waterfall and becomes a mighty dragon—fighting against the current to be the person she is meant to be. Her creativity and spunk surprise everyone, including her father, when she finally saves the day—and her dad's honor—to prove that she's not just a good artist, but a great one!

Katsushika Oi, called Eijo, created many remarkable artworks and had a hand in her illustrious father's later work. This beautifully illustrated bilingual story book celebrates the power of grit and artistic expression, as it introduces young readers to a trailblazing figure who, like her famous father, left a lasting impression in the world of art. Hokusai's Daughter is a timeless tale that teaches kids to believe in themselves and follow their passion.

Includes an appendix to help parents share information with their kids about Hokusai—his influence and style—and his daughter Eijo, as well as traditions about koi and how woodblock prints are made. Samples of Eijo's work will include images from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Menard Art Museum, and the Tokyo National Museum.

About the Author:
Sunny Seki is the author-illustrator of bilingual books on Japanese culture for children, highlighting the values of courage, selflessness, loyalty and determination as well as the value of art in the modern world. Specializing in traditional tales, he performs stories through puppetry, teaches Japanese poetry, and is a photographer as well as a writer and an illustrator. He lives with his wife Judy and their children in the Los Angeles area. He has authored several children's books including the award-winning Yuko-Chan and the Daruma Doll and The Last Kappa from Old Japan.