How to Draw Cute Doodles and Illustrations (9784805316962)

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Tuttle Publishing
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Over 1,000 illustrations
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7 1/2 X 10

Perfect for doodlers of all ages and the ideal companion for kids at home or on the go!

Grab a piece of paper or a digital sketchpad and get drawing! In three easy steps, you can go from a squiggle or a few lines to a silly Santa Claus or a fluffy-maned lion. It's that simple!

Kamo's funny, feel-good drawings and doodles have earned her a worldwide reputation. With this all-in-one beginner's guide, her easy step-by-step instructions will inspire readers to sit down and draw something. In this irresistible book, Kamo shows you:
  • More than 1000 examples to make on your own—no prior training required
  • How to use your doodles to dress up your classroom, workspace, bedroom and more
  • Tips for making signs, cards, invitations and newsletters using your drawings

Kamo's message is simple and clear—once you know the basics, you can draw anything! There are no rules to follow or classes to take. Just follow her lead and see where your imagination takes you!

With Kamo's fun, simple approach, there's room for everyone at the art table.

About the Author:
Kamo worked as a designer at an advertising production house before becoming a freelance illustrator, focusing on characters and advertisements before expanding into videos and consumer products. She teaches illustration courses in Japan and internationally. Kamo is co-author of How to Draw Almost Everything for Kids and author of How to Draw Almost Every Day: An Illustrated Sourcebook as well as How to Doodle Everywhere, How to Doodle Year-Round and How to Draw Anything Anytime.