Kawaii Doodles (9784805317815)

How to Draw Manga
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with over 1,250 illustrations

Doodling is cute, fun, and creative—the very essence of Kawaii culture!

Japanese illustrator Yuu is known for her super-cute style. Now you can draw like her, in four easy steps! Wide-eyed and smiling, these easy-to-create doodles transform everyday objects into supercute Kawaii illustrations.

With its step-by-step instructions and lots of craft & project ideas, Kawaii Doodles fuses two books into one:
  • With over 1,250 illustrations to walk you through the simple steps: no prior artistic training required
  • Use your drawings to decorate your accessories, dress up your home and personalize gifts and possessions
  • Ideal for doodlers of all ages—this book teaches you to create Kawaii doodles anywhere—at home, at school, in the office or on the go

Yuu rounds up the usual Kawaii suspects: silly, smiling popsicles and ice cream cones, funny-faced flowers and goofy, grinning kitty cats and teddy bears. How about your favorite animal? Baby chicks, pandas, penguins, octopus and ladybugs: any animal is a charmer when it undergoes a Kawaii transformation. Even your seasonal favorites get a Kawaii makeover here, from jack o'lanterns to Santa Claus, the holidays have suddenly gotten cuter!

These oh-so-sweet sketches can embellish your backpacks, notebooks, holiday cards, birthday party invitations, calendars and planners, decorations and stationery—whatever you want! With its wealth of ideas and simple-to-follow format, this all-in-one guide will make you a creative Kawaii doodler in no time.

Cute doodles and adorable drawings in four easy steps!

About the Author:
Yuu is an Osaka native who has worked as a nutritionist, an event planner and a freelance illustrator. Her artistic endeavors center on children's books and educational material. Her work is created to be simple and honest, with a sense of fun. Learn more about her at: blocks-web.com