Little One-Inch & Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories (9780804850599)

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Tuttle Publishing
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40 full-color illustrations throughout
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9 X 9

With this Japanese book for children, your whole family can experience the wonder and excitement that these well-loved tales bring to story time or bedtime reading.

Welcome to a fantastic world populated by mischievous monkeys, a dragon king and a host of other beloved characters who have lived on for centuries in the traditional tales of Japan.

Drawn from folklore passed down from generation to generation, the ten enchanting stories collected in this Japanese children's book have been lovingly retold for today's readers. Vibrantly illustrated in full color and packed with thrilling adventures, funny discoveries, and valuable lessons, they're sure to become story time favorites and serve as an introduction to Japanese culture.

Included are some of Japan's classic folktales:
  • The Spider Weaver
  • Little One-Inch
  • The Badger and the Magic Fan
  • Mr. Lucky Straw
  • Why the Jellyfish Has No Bones
  • The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom
  • The Crab and the Monkey
  • The Ogre and the Rooster
  • The Rabbit Who Crossed the Sea
  • The Grateful Statues
Readers of any age and background will find much to love and return to time & again in Little One-Inch And Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories.

About the Author:
Florence Sakade was an experienced editor and author of numerous books about Japan, including Tuttle Publishing's Kintaro's Adventures and Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories, Peach Boy and Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories, and Urashima Taro and Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories.

Yoshisuke Kurosaki was one of Japan's most noted illustrators of children's books. He also illustrated Peach Boy and Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories.