Modern Japanese Painting Techniques (9784805316733)

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Tuttle Publishing
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21 lessons; over 300 color illustrations
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8 1/2 X 11

This book makes it easy to create and admire wonderful Japanese-style paintings and portraits!

Modern Japanese-style paintings are recognizable by their restrained use of three-dimensionality and perspective, reliance upon expressive lines, and the bold use of color to direct the viewer's eye. There are other ways that artists imbue their work with Japanese- inspired attributes, including through the skillful use of shape, texture, and facial expression.

Author Shinichi Fukui introduces readers to 7 notable modern Japanese artists (Kazuo Kawakami, Chiaki Takasugi, Miho Tanaka, Ryohei Nishiyama, Jose Franky, Ryohei Murata, and Keiji Yano) who specialize in shin hanga-style portraiture of Japanese women. He then presents instructions to create 21 different original paintings—from sketching models, preparing and mixing paints, blocking in color, and rendering fine details.

Using these techniques, and a bit of acrylic paint, readers will be able to create eye-catching works of art that express a timeless Japanese aesthetic.

About the Author:
Shinichi Fukui is a Japanese multi-award winning illustrator who has been painting for more than 40 years. He has created corporate ad campaigns and his work has been featured in several magazines. He has taught illustration and painting since 1989, and in 2006 opened his own art school. His unique teaching methods and diverse curriculum, including his own instructional books, have produced a whole generation of fine-art painters and illustrators.