Out of This World Paper Airplanes Kit (9780804846370)

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Tuttle Publishing
Paperback & Kit
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Boxed kit with 64-page book and 48 sheets of 7 x 9.5" airplane folding papers"
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10 1/4 X 8

Fold and launch world record-setting paper airplanes!

Paper plane aficionados watched in awe when Takuo Toda launched his Zero Fighter and set the current Guinness World Record for longest paper airplane flight duration. This landmark kit marks the first time this celebrity paper airplane designer's models have been published outside of Japan—and his fans have been waiting!

Toda is a legend with his own museum, where he exhibits his more than 700 original airplane and spaceship designs—including many award-winners. In this paper airplane kit, Toda shares his 12 best designs, including his Zero Fighter and three signature space shuttles.

The 12 models in this kit include:
  • The Stag Beetle
  • The Shooter
  • The Icarus
  • The Jupiter Space Shuttle
  • And the world-record holding Zero Fighter!
These high-performance papers have folding lines already printed on them, so they are easy for anyone to create. No glue or other materials are needed—everything is right in the box!

This origami kit includes:
  • A 64 page full-color book with step-by-step instructions
  • Tips on aerodynamics and flying
  • 12 original designs
  • 48 sheets of airplane folding paper

About the Author:
Takuo Toda is the chairman of the Japan Origami Airplanes Association. Since he was 4 years old, Toda has dedicated his life to designing innovative paper aircraft. His award-winning signature snub-nosed airplane is called "Sky King" was the world record holder for several years. On December 19, 2010, he broke his own Guinness World Record for flight duration with a new "Zero Fighter" design which flew for 29.2 seconds. Both of these planes are exhibited in his Oriplane Museum in Fukuyama City near Hiroshima, Japan. He has developed over 700 different paper airplane designs, written over 30 books on the subject, and created a paper airplane museum. When not designing and flying paper airplanes, Takuo Toda serves as the CEO of Castem, a metal parts manufacturer in Japan.

Andrew Dewar was born in Toronto, Ontario, and graduated from Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (B.A. Journalism) and University of Toronto (M.A. Japanese Studies, Library and Information Science) before moving to Japan in 1988. After completing doctoral studies in library science at Keio University, he joined the faculty of a junior college in Japan. Soon after arriving in Japan he rediscovered his childhood love of designing and flying paper airplanes. His passion for paper airplanes led him to become president of the Fukushima Paper Airplane Club. Dewar has published over 30 paper crafting books and kits. He also teaches paper airplane workshops and does seminars at schools, libraries, community centers and museums. He lived and taught library science in Fukushima, Japan, until the giant earthquake and nuclear accident in March 2011, when the city became unsafe. After a brief stay in Canada, he's returned with his family to Gifu, Japan.

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