Samurai Warriors in Battle- 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle(9780804856140)

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Tuttle Publishing
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A3 poster and 1000 piece puzzle of a full-color photograph
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9 3/4 X 9

  • 1000 pieces
  • Finished puzzle is 29 x 20 inches
  • Quality design & easy to handle pieces
  • Full color A3 sized Poster (11.75 x 16.5 inch) included for reference
  • Features a classic Japanese woodblock print by the artist Toyohara Kunichika

Samurai warriors ruled Japan for 700 years and are widely admired as the most skilled swordsmen who ever lived. This ukiyo-e woodblock print by the artist Toyohara Kunichika (1835 -1900) shows a Kabuki enactment of a battle between Samurai fighters in a bamboo grove. The warrior astride a brown horse raises his riding crop high above his head, ready to bring it down on his enemy.

About the Author:
Toyohara Chikanobu (1838-1912), also known as Yoshu Chikanobu, was a prolific ukiyo-e artist. He was born into a samurai family in Niigata Prefecture, but as the Shogunate fell, he turned to a life of art. Though not as widely known as many of his contemporaries, Chikanobu's work had an immense cultural impact. Only in recent years has his work garnered the appropriate appreciation among historians and art collectors. His woodblock prints cover many common ukiyo-e subjects, but he is most famous for his portrayal of women's fashions, pastimes and customs.

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