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Martial Arts
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Secret Tactics offers ancient wisdom for contemporary readers—with new interpretations of Japanese martial arts classics

In the tradition of Musashi, Kazumi Tabata, one of America's most experienced teachers of karate, distills invaluable lessons drawn from the most influential martial arts texts in Japanese history. This book includes fascinating essays on leadership, correct behavior, character, values and strategic thinking.
  • "The Hereditary Manual of Fighting Techniques" by Yagyu Tajimanokami Munenori explores the relationship between Zen philosophy and warfare and the mental preparation needed for winning.
  • "The Ultimate Sword" by Takuan Soho describes the unremitting effort needed to become a true master of martial strategy. The same author uses key aspects of sword-fighting tactics to shed light on the path to self-realization in "The Miracle of Immovable Wisdom."
  • "The Technical Study of Kenpo" by Kotoda Yahei Toshisada emphasizes the importance of training and learning practical techniques over theory.
  • "The School of Two Heavens" by Musashi Miyamoto applies the principles of sword fighting to military arts and politics.
  • "Jyoseihi Kendan" by Mastuura Saizan focuses on strengthening the weak points of the human mind and exploiting the natural movements of the human body.
  • "Tengu's Dialogue on the Martial Arts" by Issai Chosanshi is a manual for students of the martial arts, presented in the form of a dialogue with a master.

Containing these and a dozen more essays on combat tactics, psychology, leadership, good character and the exercise of power, Secret Tactics is an indispensable resource for students of Asian culture, martial artists and corporate executives.

About the Author:
Kazumi Tabata was a Grandmaster (8th degree black belt) in the Shotokan style of Japanese karate. He established and was the Chief Instructor of the North American Karate-do Federation and the New England Collegiate Karate Conference. He lived in Massachusetts until his death in 2020.