Star Fleet Paper Airplanes for Kids (9780804856294)

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Tuttle Publishing
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With 32 tear-out paper airplane sheets and a fold-out Moonbase Landing Strip Mat
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8 1/2 X 11

Join the Intergalactic Star Fleet! You're "go" for liftoff!

Paper airplane designer Andrew Dewar has done it again! In his new book, he presents an amazing collection of high-performance paper spaceships for kids who are fascinated by space travel. Step-by-step instructions show you how to fold each of the sci-fi-themed planes, which are designed to fly beautifully with every launch!

The book comes complete with 32 tear-out perforated sheets that have folding lines printed on them for quick and foolproof folding. It also has a pull-out moonbase poster which kids can spread on the floor and use to park their spaceships and practice precision landing maneuvers!

The 12 spaceships in this book include the following easy-to-fold models:
  • The single-winged Helix, designed to ferry crew members to space and back
  • The massive Stargo freighter, a spacious craft with great performance due to its forward-swept canards
  • The asymmetrical Shard, the fastest ship in the fleet—the command flagship and pride of the Star Fleet
  • And many more!

A primer on the principles of flight is included in the beginning so kids learn about the forces that enable airplanes to fly and how to coax the best performance from their paper models. They'll have fun practicing with these futuristic paper spacecraft—doing loops, barrel rolls, glides and dives!

About the Author:
Andrew Dewar was born in Toronto, Canada, and received a degree in Journalism and Library Science before moving to Japan in 1988. Soon after arriving in Japan, he rediscovered his childhood love of designing and flying paper airplanes. Dewar has published over 40 paper crafting books and kits. He teaches paper airplane workshops and gives seminars at schools, libraries, community centers and museums.