The New Sashiko (9784805317914)

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Tuttle Publishing
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features 11 stitches plus 23 patterns; 130 color photos and 165 diagrams, grids and templates
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8 1/2 X 11

An innovative new style of sashiko from a leading embroidery and patchwork artist!

Prolific embroiderer, quilter and author sashikonami combines her love of sashiko with her fondness for piecework to create a whole new style of sashiko stitches and applications. Some of these patchworks give you a chance to play with patterns, colors and textures to create strikingly original bags, pouches, tableware and accessories.

The 11 sashiko stitches (three of them original) and 23 projects presented in this book feature:

  • Rows of uneven running stitches to create jagged stripe and check patterns that look fantastic on any item
  • Fun asymmetrical patterns created with white threads on pastel fabrics to create brightly-colored textured table settings
  • Traditional stitches applied to vividly-colored fabrics (often with two different thread colors) for a radical new look
  • Contrasting stitches on patches to create charming tote bags, potholders and more!

Running stitches are free and relaxed. Straight stitches form easy geometric shapes—like a triangle with a stem to make a fun, minimalist flower. Elements from traditional patterns are recombined in fresh and exciting ways. Try them on your jeans, your floor pillows or in a full-sized quilt, and enjoy adding your own personality to these projects. There is no end to the great ideas that you will find in this book!

About the Author:
Tokyo author sashikonami has long been a fan of combining sashiko and patchwork. She has written and co-written numerous books and articles on sashiko in her native Japan. With "freedom and fun" as her motto, she shares her creative process and tips on her website, on YouTube and on other video sharing platforms. Website: Instagram: @sashikonami