Tokyo Izakaya Cookbook (9784805317006)

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Tuttle Publishing
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74 recipes; 132 full-color photographs
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74 stunning pub-style recipes from top chef-owned Izakayas in Tokyo!

The equivalent of a tapas bar or an English pub, Izakayas are the cornerstone of Japan's food culture—a place to share a delicious, satisfying meal over drinks with friends after a hard day's work. Izakayas come in all shapes and sizes, from bustling chains to hole-in-the-wall dives.

This unique cookbook features recipes from six of the best Tokyo Izakayas run by young chef-owners who often work alone, creating delicious dishes that change daily and seasonally based on the availability of fresh ingredients. Each chef contributes their most popular recipes—including a range of main and side dishes that are beloved by their regular customers.

The 74 recipes in this book include:
  • Tofu with Spicy Cod Roe
  • Shabu Shabu with Pork and Daikon Radish
  • Chicken Wings with Miso Glaze
  • Japanese-Style Roast Beef with a Sweet and Spicy Sauce
  • Sauteed Pork with Whisky Butter
  • Zucchini and Onion with Tuna
  • Meat and Coriander Gyoza Dumplings
  • And many more!

Beautiful color photos and step-by-step instructions make the recipes accessible for cooks of all skill levels. The book features interviews with each chef about their food philosophy and tips for recreating their dishes at home, as well as a glossary of key ingredients. Don't miss out on this unique culinary experience!

About the Author:
Kotaro Chef Kotaro Hayashi's "hipster-like affinity for the handcrafted comes through in every dish."--Conde Nast Traveler.

Ametsuchi Chef Miho Tsuchii's simply cooked dishes bring out the full character of the ingredients she uses. Her gentle flavors make every mouthful a delight.

Shuko Takigiya Chef Hiroto Kibayashi's delicious appetizers are the perfect accompaniment to drinks. He is known for traditional dishes with modern twists.

Shutei Zorome Great attention to fine detail is prevalent in many aspects of the unique, humorous dishes created by Chef Hisato Ohno.

Sakebozu Chef Tomo Maeda excels in the use of spices as hidden accents, and in finding the cooking method most suited to a particular ingredient.

Nihonshu-ya Chef Ken'ichi Takaya is known for his innovative combinations of Japanese and Western flavors and cooking methods.