One Minute Paper Airplanes Kit (9780804844550)

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Tuttle Publishing
Paperback & Kit
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12 full-color pre-cut airplanes; full-color 32-pp. 6 X 9 book; rubber band & dowel in a 10 x 8 box
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10 X 8

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Get ready to pop, fold and fly sturdy paper airplanes!

Origami author Andrew Dewar rediscovered his childhood love of paper airplanes in Japan working with Yasuaki Ninomiya (creator of the famous White Wings planes). His designs are incredibly easy to assemble and his book not only explains how to make paper planes, but how to tune them for better performance. For the daring paper airplane maker, he also gives tips on designing your own airplane models.

The helpful instruction book inside the kit provides clear, step-by-step instructions for each plane. All the planes are printed in full color on high-quality cardstock and precut, so you just push out the pieces, fold them and staple them. The rubber band catapult launcher that is included makes the planes soar and swoop to great heights—which draws a crowd and keeps both kids and adults entertained for hours.

This paper airplanes kit contains:
  • 12 reliable and fast pop-out paper planes
  • Rubberband catapult launcher
  • 32 page full-color origami booklet
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Paper folding basics and tips
These awesome, high-performance planes are frustration-free—no glue needed, just a stapler and some imagination.

Origami airplanes include:
  • The lifelike Wasp
  • The Streaking Comet
  • The stealthy Stingray
  • The rocket-like X-15
  • And much more…

About the Author:
Andrew Dewar was born in Toronto, Ontario, and graduated from Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (B.A. Journalism) and University of Toronto (M.A. Japanese Studies, Library and Information Science) before moving to Japan in 1988. After completing his doctoral studies in library science at Keio University, he joined the faculty of a junior college in Japan. Soon after arriving in Japan he rediscovered his childhood love of designing and flying paper airplanes. His passion for paper airplanes led him to become president of the Fukushima Paper Airplane Club. Dewar has published over 30 paper crafting books and kits. He also teaches paper airplane workshops and does seminars at schools, libraries, community centers and museums. He lived and taught library science in Fukushima, Japan, until the giant earthquake and nuclear accident in March 2011, when the city became unsafe. After a brief stay in Canada, he's returned with his family to Gifu, Japan.