A Beginner's Guide to House Plants (9780804855099)

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Tuttle Publishing
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300 color photos and drawings; field guides to 64 plants
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6 X 9

The healthier your plants, the happier you'll feel!

A Beginner's Guide to House Plants teaches you how to bring your indoor spaces alive with lovely and easy-to-maintain plants — and how to keep them healthy. It provides detailed instructions on how you can unleash the power of plants to energize and relax you, and how to promote well-being by greening your environment.

In this book you'll find hundreds of useful tips, including:
  • How to select the right plants for your spaces and lifestyle
  • Practical advice on purchasing, potting and styling your plants
  • How to care for many different types of plants—from succulents and ferns to exotics
  • A mini field guide to over 60 popular plants you should know about
  • And so much more!

Cultivating house plants can be both creative and fun! Plant expert Ryusuke Sakaino provides tips on how to use colors, textures, patterns and shapes to create a lush living space, with one plant or many. His gorgeous photos will inspire you to add greenery to every room in your home and office. No longer just a pandemic hobby, plants deserve to be a permanent part of your lifestyle!

About the Author:
Ryusuke Sakaino runs Ayanas, an ornamental plant shop in Takasaki City, Japan, dedicated to introducing people to plants which make their lives more vibrant. He provides design services and advice on indoor and outdoor landscaping, with the goal of creating a healthy green environment that is in harmony with the surrounding architecture and the people who use it.