A Beginner's Guide to Sketching Buildings & Landscapes (9780804856232)

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Over 500 illustrations
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The key to creating a powerful drawing is to start with the right concept!

In this book, sketching and painting expert Masao Yamada provides dozens of examples showing you how to establish accurate perspective guidelines and proportions for your initial pencil sketches, setting your drawings up to succeed right from the start. If a sketch's perspective and proportions are correct, your finished work will look crisp and beautiful. If not, you'll have a frustrating time trying to correct the problems at a later stage—and the finished work will never look quite right. A Beginner's Guide to Sketching Buildings & Landscapes is here to help you avoid those frustrations and set up your composition for a finished piece that will make you proud.

The detailed step-by-step lessons in this indispensable guide teach you how to:
  • Establish a composition's point of view correctly
  • Locate the horizon line, dividing land and sky
  • Break down complicated scenes into simple component shapes
  • Create the right relationship between foreground and background
  • Express 3D imagery using 2-point and 3-point perspective

Experience the satisfaction of creating well-formed and well-balanced landscape and architectural illustrations of churches, castles, houses, mountains, bridges, waterways, gardens, and much more!

About the Author:
Masao Yamada is the CEO of Yamada Masao Urban Design Network. He is a professional engineer and architect, and an independent designer responsible for venue designs, including the 1985 Science Expo in Japan. His other roles include: Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University, a member of the main committee on Information Systems Technology at the Japan Architectural Institute, and Professor-in-Residence at the Japan National Institute of Natural Sciences. He teaches sketching and painting courses in Japan, and is the author of several books on sketching and design in Japanese. Yamada's books have sold over one million copies worldwide.