Learning Vietnamese (9780804854467)

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Dive into language learning with this comprehensive introduction to Vietnamese!

This book teaches you to speak, read and write Vietnamese quickly through practical everyday conversations and concise notes on everything from pronunciation and tones to grammar. All Vietnamese words and sentences are given in the usual forms with phonetic equivalents for easy pronunciation, along with English meanings.

The key features of this book include:
  • Carefully-designed lessons for beginners with no prior experience
  • Basic vocabulary and sentence patterns used in daily conversations
  • Extensive exercises and drills to help you practice what you have learned
  • Cultural notes to help you understand Vietnamese customs and norms
  • Free native-speaker audio recordings and printable flash cards available online

Suitable for classroom use or self-study, the book includes useful notes and explanations on sentence structure, honorific forms, idiomatic expressions, and etiquette dos and don'ts. A useful dictionary of commonly-used Vietnamese words and phrases is provided at the back.

This is a complete language learning course for beginners, making it the all-in-one guide that the apps don't offer!

About the Author:
Bac Hoai Tran holds an M.A. in English with a concentration in linguistics. He has been a lecturer at UC Berkeley since 1992 and is the author of Conversational Vietnamese and Anh Ngu Bao Chi. He has translated many Vietnamese short stories that have appeared in The Stars, The Earth,The River and other anthologies. He is the author of Survival Vietnamese and co-author of Colloquial Vietnamese and Living with English.