Flying Star Feng Shui(9780804834339)

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Learn to change your outlook and amplify your good luck with specific advice from a feng shui expert.

Feng shui is the Chinese art of improving quality of life by making specific changes to the arrangement of a landscape, a house, or a room. Making these changes alters the energy, or ch'i, or the space. In Flying Star Feng Shu, you'll learn in a step-by-step manner how to change your energy patterns to improve your relationships, finances, and health.

Flying Star Feng Shui adds a new "time dimension" to feng shui practice reflecting the fact that the subtle energies present in our living environment are constantly changing. The flying star combinations make it possible to respond to--or prepare for--these changing energy "situations." These methods produce impressive and rapid results that can shorten periods of bad luck, while initiating or prolonging periods of good fortune. These concepts have previously been available only from a few highly technical sources.

The book's 15 chapters include:

  • Theory of Feng Shui
  • Space Dimension
  • Room-by-Room Analysis
  • Interpreting the Stars
  • Remedies

    Author Stephen Skinner has an international reputation as a leader in bringing feng shui concepts to Westerners. You never know--Flying Star Feng Shuicould change your life.

    About the Author:
    Stephen Skinner is the founder and publisher of Feng Shui for Modern Living magazine, the world's best-selling magazine on feng shui, which was available in 41 countries and published simultaneously in English and Chinese. He is the author of the first English book on feng shui in the 20th century, The Living Earth Manual of Feng Shui and can claim to have introduced feng shui to the Western world. Stephen organized the first and largest London International Feng Shui Conference in May 1999 and was a key speaker at the 4th International Feng Shui Conference in Orlando in August 2001.