Singapore: World City (9780804843355)

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300 color photographs
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9 X 12

With stunning photographs and insightful commentary this travel pictorial and Singapore travel guide captures the dynamism of a remarkable Pacific nation.

In just a few short decades, Singapore has transformed itself from a tiny island off the coast of mainland Asia into a global superpower in banking, IT, education, biotech, transportation and many other fields. The fascinating story of how this tiny city-state which has no hinterland, no natural resources, and a relatively small population has achieved success is told in this book.

Singapore's history as a British colonial port, its dynamic multi-ethnic population, and its innovative governmental and social structures, are a part of the story. But there are others as well. How Singapore became a regional hub for finance, shipping and air travel, and now also for the arts, sport and leisure—are all showcased in dynamic detail, with over 300 full-color photographs to illustrate graphically how this small island functions like a well-tuned racing machine.

Author Kim Inglis, a journalist, and long-time local resident, leads the reader on a series of explorations through Singapore's most notable districts and neighborhoods, explaining the growth and importance, and showcasing what they have to offer the visitor. Included are many lesser-known corners of the island which very few visitors ever get to see!

About the Author:
Kim Inglis is a British writer and editor who has lived in Singapore for 20 years. She is best known for her many books on architecture and design, spa treatments and food, as well as her lifestyle contribution to a host of local magazines. Recent books by her include Bali by Design, Tropical Home, A Perennial Feast and The Indian Spa.