The Secrets of Kalis Ilustrisimo(9780804831451)

Martial Arts
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Master the art of filipino kalis with this illustrated martial arts guide.

The Filipino martial art of ilustrisimo hails from Cebu, Philippines, where martial arts are still considered a matter of life-and-death survival--rather than sport or exercise.

Named after Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrisimo, the master who taught the style to both of the authors of this book, the art of kalis ilustrisimo has been in the Ilustrisimo family for more than five generations. Based on traditional Philippine stick and sword fighting methods--and refined by Antonio Ilustrisimo's vast personal experience in challenge matches--it offers a powerful, flexible, dynamic, and effective fighting style.

The Secrets of Kalis Ilustrisimo is the first book to deal with the techniques and theories of this very effective system of personal combat including the history of kalis ilustrisimo and structure of the system, the fundamentals of practice, the defensive movements and applications, and the training techniques used to prepare for actual personal combat. It also includes hundreds of photographs showing the essential movements and techniques of this martial arts style.

Sections include:
  • KALIS ILUSTRISIMO IN PERSPECTIVE--History and Development; Structure of the Ilustrisimo System
  • FUNDAMENTALS OF PRACTICE<--Preliminaries (Weapon Length; Weapon Grip; Combat Ranges); Stances and Footwork; Methods of Striking
  • DEFENSIVE MOVEMENTS AND APPLICATIONS--Fundamental Fighting Techniques; Methods of Disarming
  • THE COMBATIVE ENCOUNTER--Combative Sign Language; Spiritual Fortitude; Fighting Principles and Strategies