How to Draw Bold Manga Characters (9784805316757)

How to Draw Manga
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Elevate your manga drawings to the next level with help from a Japanese professional!

Manga drawing expert and author Ebimo is an action film junkie who taught herself to draw by studying martial arts films. In this book, she brings those techniques, tips, and tricks to you! Learn how to draw every detail of exciting action characters—from the muscles used in fight scenes to the 3-D arc of a flying frontal kick.

What sets Ebimo apart is her fusion of the basics of figure drawing and proper posing with cutting-edge digital-age illustration and coloration techniques. Artists working on paper or a screen will learn to bring greater depth and complexity to their characters with these expert tutorials.

This all-in-one guide is unlike any other, offering:
  • Dual-format step-by-step tutorials for those who draw on paper, on screen, or both
  • Up-close "studio visits" where you can follow along as characters are drawn
  • An essential reference guide to all the key poses in action scenes and sequences
  • Dynamic full-color examples with single, dual and multiple characters
  • Over 1,350 sample illustrations to study and learn from!
How to Draw Bold Manga Characters presents the best of both worlds—hand-drawn detail with digital dynamics—in one essential volume.

*Recommended for artists 14 and up*

About the Author:
EBIMO studied web design at school and taught herself to illustrate by studying the patterns and movements of characters in action movies and manga. Her lifelong love of action films informs the motions, poses and expressions in her characters in action sequences. Her publications include books on couples, drawing boys and general illustration techniques. You can find her on Twitter at @ebimoji3.