Japanese Paper Flowers(9784805314982)

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18 projects; color photos; 31 paper flower designs; templates
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Learn how to bring a Japanese aesthetic into your life with these elegant works of floral art. Japanese kirigami (cut paper) flowers are delicate and beautiful examples of paper craft, but are surprisingly easy to make. This inspirational how-to guide shows you how to make 31 gorgeous designs that can virtually pass for the real thing--except they will never wilt!

The sculptural quality of these flowers is an amazing and creative way to add a touch of beauty to your home, or to create low-cost decorations for a wedding, a baby shower, or any other special event.

All of the most popular blossoms are represented here, including:
  • 5 different roses--these romantic flowers can be mixed and matched to create a natural looking bouquet
  • Frilly carnations--full of intricate folds and textures, these popular flowers are just as much fun in paper form
  • Colorful tulips--carry a piece of spring with you throughout the entire year
  • Delicate cherry blossoms--enjoy the wonders of cherry blossom season in your own home
  • 3 bold sunflowers--in slightly different shapes and sizes, these cheerful flowers create a sunny bouquet when grouped together
  • Festive poinsettias--blooms that will look fresh throughout the entire holiday season
  • And many more!
Simple instructions, templates and colorful step-by-step photos show even novice paper crafters how to create each project, and how to gather them into incredible paper flower bouquets. There are instructions showing how the designs can be used in 18 amazing ways--for decorating, selling, gift giving and entertaining--including:
  • Spectacular wreaths
  • Decorative ornaments
  • Customized photo frames
  • Individualized bookmarks
Perhaps best of all, there are instructions for exquisite wearable pieces, sure to draw appreciative comments and perfect as gifts for loved ones:
  • A fashionable floral crown
  • Cheerful brooches
  • A statement corsage
Japanese Paper Flowers has all the information and all of the necessary patterns you need! With just some scissors, a few sheets of colorful tant origami paper, and a few drops of crafts glue--all of which can be found online and in paper stores--you can create breathtaking paper flowers in no time at all!

About the Author:
Hiromi Yamazaki teaches paper flower-making classes at the Boule De Neige floral paper art shop in Tokyo. She specializes in decorative floral creations for weddings and other special events.