JLPT Study Guide (9784805314586)

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over 300 illustrations; free online audio and 3 complete JLPT tests with answer keys to download; printable practice sheets and printable flash cards
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6 X 9

Don't worry—there's no need to stress about JLPT test prep!

As the founder of JLPTBootCamp.com—a test prep website with more than 300,000 annual visitors—Clayton MacKnight has helped tens of thousands of students to pass the JLPT N5 exam. Now, he's distilled his study resources and tips into a handy must-have volume for anyone prepping for this important language test.

MacKnight's complete study package fully prepares the exam-taker by providing:
  • Clear and simple grammar lessons with sample sentence patterns
  • Printable vocabulary, Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji flash cards
  • Over 300 sample test questions
  • Three printable practice tests (all with answer keys and free online audio recordings for the listening portions)
Exam-takers can stop worrying and take the uncertainty out of exam prep because the JPLT Study Guide shows them exactly what to expect—and how to pass the test with flying colors!

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is the standardized test taken by everyone who wants to study or work in Japan.

About the Author:
Clayton MacKnight has been living and working in Japan for over 15 years. He has been teaching English and for the last seven years has been blogging and creating JLPT resources which he posts at JLPTBootCamp.com. He has helped many thousands of students pass the JLPT in a shorter time and with a lot less effort than it would otherwise require.